About us

VAF Instruments is part of the Aalberts group of companies and is the most preferred supplier of the top 100 shipyards and market leader in maritime measurement systems today. Why? Because we continuously strive to improve our products and service in order to serve you better.

For one, VAF Instruments offers its customers the best, longest and most comprehensive guarantee in the maritime industry. Secondly, with a global service organisation, VAF Instruments offers a unique level of customer service. When you look for reliability and service, VAF Instruments is the logical choice.

Our company is based on your success. Our processes and the way we do things are designed around five guiding principles. These five principles define how we want to make a difference for you and who we are as a company.

We’re proud to be market leader in maritime measurement systems

Our 5 guiding principles

Customer Focus

Our customer is the focal point of everything we do. Your success is our priority. The key criteria for each decision and activity are whether this decision or activity adds value to your business and the business of your clients. In our organisation there is no place for arrogance. Instead we encourage a 'how-can-we-do-things-better' mentality. We listen empathically and respond to every specific question you might have.


Personal & Tailored

No matter how many thousands of clients we serve annually, no one will ever be 'just' a client to us. We are proud to serve over 70% of the top 100 shipyards worldwide and call them our clients. Some of the biggest names in the maritime industry as well as the process industry depend on our instruments to keep critical business processes running.


Quality as a Lifestyle

We believe quality is a way of life; an integral part of our organisation. The ISO 9001 certification in 1992 is just an illustration for this. But for us, quality goes beyond checking whether a product meets certain criteria. Besides that, quality isn't decided upon solely by the management team, but it is a mentality. We constantly think about how we can make your life easier by further improving the way things are done.


Worldwide Service

You rely on our products 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your ships and installations. If an incident occurs it needs to be acted upon swiftly and effectively. Minimum response time requires a global service network. We understand that our instruments are critical to your performance. This means we will do anything to prevent any down time related to our instruments. But it also means we will respond quickly in case something goes wrong, 24/7, around the clock and around the globe.

Future Proof

You need to rely on our instruments to meet expectations. Not just today but everyday for as long as your ship or process lasts, long into the future. You need the latest technologies to compete in the marketplace. You need be sure you have the most advanced, reliable and cost-effective technology available. You expect a company to demonstrate its trust and its commitments to its clients by guaranteeing the quality of its products. You can expect more from VAF products. We give a standard two year guarantee on all our products, the longest and most comprehensive guarantee in the maritime industry.


Our history defines us

VAF Instruments has gained a world-wide reputation as a specialist in developing, manufacturing and marketing fluid measuring instruments and control systems for the processing and maritime industries.

It all started with petrol and Dutch milk

VAF was founded in 1938 in Dordrecht, Holland. Initially the company manufactured electric petrol pumps, but as a result of the fuel shortages in the 1940's the demand for petrol pumps dropped sharply. The demand for precision measuring instruments however remaine and after the 2nd world war the company decided to specialise in this field. In the first instance VAF manufactured and supplied milk meters for the milk industry in The Netherlands.

How VAF got into the processing industry and maritime industry

In the 1950's the range of measuring instruments offered by VAF Instruments was extended considerably and the company's main target became the processing industry, followed later on by the maritime industry. Several flowmeters designed and developed by the company were patented.

A period of joining forces

During this period a link was established between the innovative VAF company and Conoflow, an American company specialising in control valves. In 1963 it was decided to join forces. In 1966 the company in turn was taken over by the ITT Corporation. This take-over enabled VAF to become known internationally and the company was the first to develop a viscosity meter for the shipping industry which was marketed under the name viscotherm.

VAF Instruments today

In the 1980's ITT decided that it would concentrate solely on telecommunications and VAF Instruments saw this as an opportunity to go its own way. In 1988 the company was taken over by its present owners and since then it has continued as an independent enterprise specialising in the manufacture of fluid measuring and control instruments and supplying customers all over the world.
Gerrit Jongstzoon with a milk truck in 1939 (top). After manufacturing electric petrol pumps (left), VAF started focussing on supplying milk meters (bottom).
Our first factory, producing milk meters. In the 1950’s VAF Instruments extended the range of measuring instruments to the processing industry.

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