Easy and automated MRV with IVY®

MRV & IMO are coming your way! In order to get and keep your ships in compliance with the coming regulations, there is quite some work to be done, or not?


IVY® Basic: From sensor to MRV report
IVY® will give you MRV reporting at your fingertips. From ship to shore, IVY® automatically collects data from various sensors and provides insight into the relevant data and KPIs. This information is displayed on an easily-accessible dashboard either on an office desktop, mobile laptop, tablet or any other device. Get in compliance by automated voyage reports, fuel oil consumption monitoring, and MRV and IMO reporting with IVY® Basic. Contact our IVY experts for more information or a free demo.

Easy & automated MRV by unique features
IVY® Basic has some unique features that result in easy and automated MRV, such as:
       -      automatic data collection
       -      no extra paperwork or handling
       -      automatic berth & anchorage detection
       -      automatic fuel oil consumption monitoring
       -      automated voyage reports

       -      automated MRV reports

Automatic data collection for MRV reports means: no manual input and therefore eliminates manual failures


IVY Voyages Overview IVY Voyage Report

MRV reporting
From January 1st 2018, shipping companies will have to monitor and report the following verified data per single voyages to, from and/or between ports in the European Union.
       -       Port of departure and arrival, including time and date;
       -       Distance travelled & time spent at sea;
       -       Cargo carried;
       -       Fuel consumption & emission factor & emitted CO2

It seems to be a lot of extra paperwork and handling to report these details per ship, per voyage. There is an easier way though. Automatic data collection in combination with automated MRV reports are the answer to push back the extra work and to be in compliance with the EU MRV regulations.

From Basic reporting to Expert performance management
IVY® has a solution for every performance goal and budget, and grows together with the ship owner’s needs to make sure the ship is ready for the future and in compliance with (future) environmental rules and regulations. If you want to step it up a notch, besides basic reporting, data enrichment and more than 30 KPIs are part of the Advanced package. And those who desire expert propulsion performance management, can save up to 20% on their fuel and maintenance bill by using the IVY® Expert modules, such as hull and propeller efficiency module. Find out more about the advanced and expert features of IVY® on the products & solutions page or contact us for a free demo.

IVY for every budget and performance goal

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