Oil Batching and Blending Systems


Oil Batching and Blending  Systems

Oil Batching and Blending Systems


VAF Instruments designs, builds and manufactures in-line blending systems which produce specifically defined grades of oil in any quantity, with utmost speed and accuracy.

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We present: Oil Batching and Blending Systems

With VAF Instruments you have the choice from a number of components which together result in the most advanced liquid measuring and control systems. Accessories like flow computers, batch controllers, ratio controllers in combination with electric or pneumatic knock-off - and control valves are only the base of a completely assembled system. On top of that VAF has the world-wide service support which makes it possible to install and commission your new system on the spot.

To continuously serve our customers and their changing needs, VAF Instruments keeps up-to-date with new technologies and strives to be ahead of new developments in the market. This is the ongoing challenge of VAF.

User benefits

  •          one contact for products, engineering, service and parts
  •          specific knowledge of the products and the best combinations
             between these products
  •          ISO 9001 certified quality assurance system
  •          service facilities in more than 40 countries in principal harbours,
             industrial and shipbuilding areas of the world
  •          guaranteed reliability 

How to create your own personal system
All VAF employees are service minded and have a flexible attitude toward customer requirements. Every request gets its personal attention. Before we start with the development of a tailor-made system we do a thorough investigation of your wishes. Not only the knowledge of VAF but even more your specific knowledge of the application will lead to the detailed proposal for a complete system. In the end this results in systems that answer to your requirements and are built the way you had in mind.

A few examples of VAF Instruments custom-made solutions

  •          viscosity control of intermediate and heavy fuel oils used for main
             and auxiliary diesel
  •          applying emulsion adhesives to audio and video tapes or
             photographic materials
  •          accurate filling of hydraulic shock absorbers
  •          glue and pigment addition in the packing industry
  •          colouring fuel oil, textile, paper, leather and plastics
  •          injection of oils, fats and flavouring in the food industries
  •          complete blending installations for fuel and lubricating oils
  •          overload protection of machinery in paper mills and steel industry
  •          misfiring detection of large engines on board ships




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