The Oilcon® Mark 6

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The Oilcon® Mark 6


For the continuous on-line monitoring of discharge water during de-ballasting operations, VAF Instruments is one of world's main suppliers. The Oilcon® Mark 6 Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control Systems are more reliable and more accurate than any other monitoring & control system. It is suitable for all ballast and slop water discharges and meets the bio fuel requirements MEPC 108(49) and 240(65).

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We present: The Oilcon® Mark 6

User benefits

  •          Single data link engine room / control room
  •          Low operation costs
  •          Low cost of installation
  •          No special operator attention required
  •          Minimal fresh water consumption
  •          Light weight
  •          Flexible installation, distance between engine room and pump room located
  •          units may be up to 30 meters


  •          Patented multiple scattering measurement technique
  •          Full compliance with MARPOL requirements
  •          No additional chemical/solvents needed for operation 
  •          No hot water flushing required
  •          Automatic self cleansing, zeroing and calibration
  •          Fully automatic flushing eliminates clogging on shutdown
  •          Automatic cell window washing prevents fouling of optical path
  •          Easy installation; only two bulkhead penetrations
  •          Easy operation with best yet help functions
  •          Monitoring of clean, segregated and dirty ballast in a single unit
  •          Adjustable alarm relay contact for rpm level
  •          Annex I and Annex II capabilities in one version

Now available Oilcon® Mark 6 according latest resolution MEPC.108(49). Applicable for ships of which keel is laid on January 2005 or which are at a similar stage of construction.


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