Propulsion Performance


Propulsion Performance


Optimising ship’s propulsion performance is one of the major factors to minimise environmental impact and reduce fuel costs. There are different levels of measuring ship propulsion performance.

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We present: Propulsion Performance

The first step is by measurement of the propeller power or torque. By measuring torque the total propulsive performance change over time can be determined. The use of VAF Instruments’ T-Sense® torque measuring system facilitates efficiency improvement and overload protection avoiding maintenance and breakdown costs. Using T-Sense® has lead to savings up to 10% on fuel costs. The system is based on highly accurate optical sensor technology and can be mounted on shafts in power transmission systems. The T-Sense® can measure the combined effect of propeller and hull. But in order to separate the propeller performance and the ship’s hull performance, the propeller thrust needs to be measured as well.  The way to do so is by measuring thrust in addition to torque.

The propeller plays an important role in the decrease of the total propulsion performance of a ship. In general one third of propulsion performance decrease is caused by propeller, where two third is caused by hull. Based on factual data, proper decisions can be made for either a hull cleaning or just a propeller cleaning (or repair). Next to this, the effects of for instance a propeller modification or a new hull coating can be measured much more accurately. In the end this provides essential insight aiding investment decisions for propulsion energy saving measures and greenhouse gas reductions.

In addition to torque measurement, VAF Instruments’ TT-Sense® offers the unique possibility to separate propeller and hull resistance, therewith maximising the total savings potential on your maintenance and fuel bill up to 20%.

Deeper insight in propulsion efficiency and fuel efficiency can be gained by managing propulsion performance together with fuel consumption by VAF Instruments' Positive Displacement Flowmeters.

Connect the sensors of your ship to IVY®, VAF Instruments' propulsion performance management solution, to use the measurement systems to their full potential. Manage propeller performance, hull resistance and more than 40 other fleet and ship's performance KPIs.



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