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ViscoSense®3 & ViscoSense®3D


Most of the operating costs of a ship are fuel related. Therefore it is very important to use fuel in the most efficient way. Calculated Carbon Aromaticity Index (CCAI) is the index for the ignition quality of residual fuel oil and is calculated from density and viscosity of the fuel. The measurement and control of the viscosity and density ensures an improved combustion efficiency preventing engine damage, reducing cost of maintenance and minimizing the greenhouse gas emissions.

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We present: ViscoSense®3 & ViscoSense®3D

Viscosity, Density and temperature measurement
ViscoSense®3D is a highly accurate sensor with a superior measuring principle based on the proven ViscoSense® technology. The sensor offers density, viscosity and temperature measurements. Furthermore, in combination with VAF Instruments PT2 Flowmeters, this measurement system is a cost effective solution for mass flow measurement.

Viscosity control
A large variation in the quality and composition of fuel oil makes the behavior of the fuel oil at higher temperatures difficult to predict. An optimal viscosity is needed for the best possible atomization of HFO in the engine and thus the fuel will be burned completely without remaining deposits.

Mass flow measurement
In general fuel is bought in metric tonnes. Therefore, to be consistent, fuel consumption is preferably monitored in kilograms. Smart usage of existing components of the fuel system in combination with an upgrade of the viscosity sensor enables mass flow measurement.
Fuel consumption measurement by PT2 Flowmeters in combination with density measurement by the ViscoSense®3D is a cost-effective solution that enables mass flow measurements with highest accuracy, reliability and repeatability.%MCEPASTEBIN%

After many years of research ViscoSense®3 and ViscoSense®3D are based on proven and patented ViscoSense® technology and especially designed for the maritime industry. VAF Instruments has decades of experience in viscosity measurement is the worldwide market leader in measurement and control systems and specialist for the maritime and process industry.

User benefits

Cost saving:

  • optimises burning efficiency and fuel consumption
  • reduces engine maintenance/overhaul costs
  • no moving parts, therefore low operating costs are ensured
  • the smooth edged pendulum is practically insensitive to adherence preventing local servicing costs


  • no preventive maintenance required because ViscoSense®3D has no moving parts
  • the compact light-weight construction is easy to install in new and retrofit applications

Product quality:

  • calibrated for life which makes re-calibration in the field unnecessary
  • all SS-316 pendulum does not corrode and is durable
  • provides better emission control to minimize air pollution

Unique product features:

  • ISO 9001 quality assurance certification
  • continuous in-line viscosity control
  • resistant against line pulsations
  • long term accuracy and reproducibility
  • type approval certificates from all major classification authorities


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