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  • Visiting address:
  • Vierlinghstraat 24
  • 3316 EL Dordrecht
  • The Netherlands
  • Route description
  • Postal address:
  • P.O. Box 40
  • 3300 AA Dordrecht
  • The Netherlands
  • Contact:
  • Tel: +31 78 6183100
  • Fax: +31 78 6177068

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Contact persons


Managing Director L.C.H. Blankenstein
Sales & Marketing Director T. Louwrenssen
Controller M. van Wingerden
Technical Manager D. Vellinga
Service Manager B. van Straaten


Shipping & Invoicing J. van der Velde
Purchasing C. Merkx



Areas / Countries

Inside Sales Engineer
Area Manager:
Edwin Looyschelder
The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg Rob Roodnat
France Peter-Marc Bezemer


Area Manager: 
Michael Stuhr

Mike van Gelder

Michael Verhoeven

Area Manager:
Edwin Schuirink
Great Britain Mike van Gelder
Europe (except mentioned countries) Peter-Marc Bezemer


Area Manager:
Hans Paul
Austria, Switzerland Peter-Marc Bezemer
North America Fikri el Ouazizi
Central America, South America Mike van Gelder
Croatia Ferry Kempenaars


Area Manager: 
Gerard Oskam


Mike van Gelder

Turkey, Greece

Ferry Kempenaars

Spain, Portugal,

Romania, Hungary, 


Czech Republic,

Slovenia, Slovakia

Peter-Marc Bezemer



Area Manager:
Rudi Claessens

Rob Roodnat,  Ferry Kempenaars

Japan, Iran, Pakistan, India Ferry Kempenaars

Africa, Poland, CIS (Russian Commonwealth), Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Peter-Marc Bezemer
Far East (except mentioned countries) Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East (incl. Israel) Mike van Gelder


Area Manager:
Chris Zhang
China Fikri el Ouazizi
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore Mike van Gelder