Fuel Efficiency


Fuel Efficiency


Due to the increasing awareness of the impact of exhaust emissions on the environment, combined with the continued increases in fuel costs, there is great need for reduction in fuel consumption. This has led to a high demand for accurate measurement systems to monitor the fuel consumption per engine. Real-time measurement and trend analysis of fuel consumption provide helpful information for ship owners, ship managers and crew about the influences of their actions on the consumed fuel. VAF Instruments offers various kinds of systems for the most accurate measurement and analysis of fuel consumption. For the large variety in fuel systems, VAF Instruments offers a dedicated fuel consumption measurement system and diverse monitoring and management solutions.

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We present: Fuel Efficiency

Since 1938 VAF Instruments has gained experience in the development, production and application of precision measuring instruments for the measurement of (fuel) flow ranges from almost 0 up to 1 million liters per hour.

The very high accuracy (down to 0.1%) and high repeatability (0.05%) of VAF Instruments’ Positive Displacement Flowmeters are not affected by pressure, viscosity or temperature of the fuel. In addition the design of the systems is very robust and easy to operate, making it ideal for use in the typical environmental conditions on board of ships and power plants.

Since most of the operating costs of a ship are fuel related, it is very important to use fuel in the most efficient way. The measurement and control of the viscosity and density ensures an improved combustion efficiency preventing engine damage and reduction of fuel and maintenance cost. ViscoSense®3D is a highly accurate sensor with a superior measuring principle based on the proven ViscoSense® technology. The sensor offers density, viscosity and temperature measurements. Furthermore, in combination with VAF Instruments PD Flowmeters, this measurement system is a cost effective solution for mass flow measurement for fuel consumption and bunkering applications.

Improve fuel efficiency: Reduce fuel consumption

Save up to 20% on the fuel and maintenance bill by managing the propulsion performance by IVY®. From ship to shore, IVY® automatically collects data from various sensors and provides insight into the relevant data and KPIs.

Connect the sensors of your ships’ fuel system and get in compliance by automated voyage reports, enabling fuel oil consumption monitoring, and MRV and IMO reporting. If you want take it to the next level, data enrichment and more than 40 KPIs are part of the package.

Deeper insight in fuel consumption and propulsion efficiency can be gained by combining the fuel flow measurement with shaft power or propeller thrust measurement. Monitoring shaft power with T-Sense® together with fuel consumption will give you useful information about the SFOC (Specific Fuel Oil Consumption) of the main engine(s) and makes clear how efficient your engines are running in real-life conditions. The TT-Sense® Thrust & Torque sensor will measure the real resistance of your vessel and will accurately provide insight into hull fouling separate from the propeller efficiency.

The relevant data and KPIs are displayed via the easily-accessible web application of IVY®. The propulsion performance management solution, will give you the fleet at your fingertips.


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