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Liquid Flowmeters


VAF Instruments positive displacement liquid Flowmeters are the most accurate volumetric measurement system for your installation. Highly accurate measurements for a wide range of liquids from low-density to vicious petrochemical products. 

The volumetric measurement systems are used in continuous metering applications, in-line blending processes, metered deliveries as well as for batching applications, such as the filling of containers and storage tanks. VAF's range of products covers flow rates from 1 litre/hour up to 960 m3/hour.

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We present: Liquid Flowmeters

Why choose VAF Instruments liquid Flowmeters?
VAF Instruments liquid Flowmeters are highly accurate and reliable. They are approved by 14 independent classification agencies, which is more than any other flow meter can boost on. Specific models are suitable for operating pressures up to 320 bar and a standard choice of high quality materials cover almost every service condition.

Unlike most flow meters, including Coriolis and other Positive Displacement Flowmeters, VAF Instruments liquid Flowmeters have a superior customized range-ability. They are not only accurate on a high flow rate, but keep their accuracy on the lowest rates. VAF Instruments liquid Flowmeters are all calibrated on <10%, 40% and 100% and any other flow rate that is required.

Product quality:
blending and batching system accuracy

  •          consistent end-product quality
  •          suitable for a wide viscosity range without affecting the accuracy
             specified for the measuring range

Cost saving:
savings on raw materials in the production process

  •          extended metering range; saves on initial purchasing cost and
             service parts inventory

no need for external viscosity settings; a single meter model is suitable for different liquids and various physical conditions

  •          easy customer maintenance because of simplified construction and
             few internal parts

Unique product features:
constructed for rough industrial environments

  •          reliable construction with few inner parts
  •          local totaliser and/or pulse transmitter according NAMUR for data
  •          material certificates according EN 10204 2.2 and EN 10204 3.1B
             can be provided
  •          measuring tolerance better than +/- 0.1% depending on model and
             flow range
  •          reproducibility better than +/- 0.05%
  •          flow range up to 1:100 depending on model and requested accuracy
  •          can be supplied with calibration certificate certified by European
             Classification Authorities (E.E.C. approval) for custody transfer applications
  •          patented meter design

Fluid quantity and flow-rate measurement:
fuel consumption measurement

  •          accurate measurement of viscous fluids at low flow rates
  •          metering hydraulic fluids in closed systems
  •          flow control of dosing pumps
  •          paint stream regulation in automatic spray booths


Apart from the positive displacement flow meters VAF Instruments also supplies a range of other types of flow meters such as turbine-, magnetic inductive-, mass- and ultrasound flow meters. Please contact us for more information on these products.


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