Since many years VAF Instruments has been the expert in the field of maritime measuring equipment. The upcoming new IMO regulations and the effectiveness of SEEMP** legislation on 1st of January 2013 have inspired us to develop the next step in our successful line of sensors: the TT-Sense® Shaft Power Thrust Meter.

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We present: TT-Sense®

Using the TT-Sense® for measuring thrust, torque results in broad insights in your propeller efficiency, vessel pitch optimization and hull resistance. 

The TT-Sense® is using the latest techniques to contribute to ship power management. The actual thrust measurement is obtained through an extremely accurate optical sensor technology. As a result of this non-contact sensor technology, the TT-Sense® thrust and torque measuring system is maintenance free.

Technical Product Manager Edwin Schuirink presented Hull & Propeller Efficiency at the GREEN4SEA Forum 2015. Learn more, GREEN4SEA presentation.

Propeller efficiency by thrust and torque measurement
Thrust measurement provides you with precise information on propeller efficiency in relation to the energy consumed. The effects of operational changes on the actual thrust, speed, torque and power are immediately visible on a separate (touch) screen. By using this input, your propulsion installation can be used in the most efficient way. Consequently this will reduce the fuel consumption considerably!

Since the fuel costs will be reduced remarkably, the ROI will only be a few months. VAF's shaft power thrust meter can be installed easily on both new building and existing vessels.

Besides the standard output of a thrust, torque, shaft speed and power signal, the TT-Sense® can be combined with VAF fuel consumption flow meters. Moreover, the TT-Sense® can be extended with energy consumption and propeller shaft analysis. All in order to gain an even larger efficiency!

The TT-Sense® holds the following benefits to help you reduce fuel costs:

  •          Very high accuracy and repeatability
  •          Propeller thrust and hull analysis possible
  •          Pitch optimization
  •          Cavitation detection
  •          In line with SEEMP** regulation 
  •          No time consuming mounting of strain gauges
  •          User friendly interface

** SEEMP: Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan



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